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For coming by and seeing us. We hope that you will try our products and fall in love with them just as much as we have.

Brandon, Leslie, Bo, Corbyn & Duncan.

Windy hill meats & farm
our story

Brandon and I got married in 2008, lived in town had a few sheep on a leased peace of property. He was a lineman with a contractor and I worked at the Judicial Center. Fast forward a few years, two kiddo later its 2014 and we decided to purchase a farm. We happy with it 80 acres, running cattle, planting grain, cutting hay, talking about starting to build a house in a few years.


Eating this hamburger made me think of my grandparents who have been gone many years. Thank you for bringing back that memory.


I forgot my salt & pepper shaker to take to the lake and I'm glad I did! The flavor was like nothing I have ever had.

Matt B

I tried "fresh beef" before and the though of it made me want to gag. This was completely different I am so glad I tried it. I will NEVER got back to store meat again.

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